After recruitment..

Hi everyone, it's Eri. I've got some information for you about the team and projects.
About a month ago, recruitment was carried out to slightly expand the team, and it worked well!
This is not an official team composition, everything is subject to change due to the principles of our cooperation, but at the moment the OurGames team consists of 6 people.
Saurian, Eri - team founder, designer, programmer, graphic 2D/3D, webmaster
Gorgh - programmer
Stefano - programmer, IT consultant
Urman - 2D graphic
ArthEast - musician


After a little break

After a little break, we're back. Saurian decided to work regular in the evenings for like 4-5 hours 4 times a week. Now we're working on:
- games store,
- TheTankers multiplayer,
- TheTankers and SRU websites.
Slowly but forward.
Why we didn't work for so long ? - Because we're working on games in our free time and we have lots of other duties we have to do too, so we cannot devote as much time on this as we'd wanted. We hope that regular work will bring results regularly.