Blurred Shapes Bundle!

TheTankers and other games are now in
Blurred Shapes Bundle from Lazy Guys Studio!

Regular minimum price: $2.99
But today: $2.49 (only first 20 hours, so hurry up!)



Esenthel Engine Licensed Developer

Lately OurGames became Esenthel Engine Licensed Developer. This engine was purchased for the purpose of our next program. It will also be used in our "next next" project on which the whole team discussed on Sunday evening. It will be a lot of work. :)

P.S. Did you know that TheTankers was downloaded 2962 times so far ?!



Today, on 09. Feb TheTankers becomes available on Desura! That's a quite big step for us as a indie games developer. Here's the link!


Moreover! We have for you a video showing the map editor in action! Take a look!


v.1.02 = Map Editor!

Hello everyone!

Today We're going to announce new version of TheTankers, the one with built-in Map Editor - 1.02 :) This big feature allows You to design Your own maps and play them in every game mode You wish - even with Your friends. There's a lot of fun with map test mode where You can use CHEATS for pure fun! The list of shortcuts can be found on official TheTankers website.

TheTankers Map Editor ScreenShot

So, we wish You great amount of fun with TheTankers Map Editor!

P.S. Since We like them - new TheTankers prices at our store will stay!
From now on: TheTankers only $1.49 USD and 4.49 PLN !!! HAVE FUN !!!