SKY is the limit!

Here I'm again. Let me tell you how we are doin'.

Saurian: at this moment he's finishing his thesis so he's not able to work for a while.
Me: currently I'm doin' some paid work so I won't be ale to work too (at least for a week).

there's a thing I want to share with all of you..
..it isn't finished yet and it's in its early stage,
..and I can say it was my idea to start this quite BIG project ;)

Ladies and Gentlemens, let me present to you..

I want to make a tool as simple as it's only possible to work very, very fast on applications (mainly games) for different platforms, such as PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

It supports two dimensions already, but next bigger feature will be the third dimension :-)

The features SKY engine includes already (some of them are finished in 100% and some of them still need some work and tests):

  • images
  • 2D objects with animations
  • simple GUI elements such as regions, buttons, tables, slidebars and textboxes
  • sound with complete volume groups controller and music theme manager
  • keyboard and mouse handling
  • 2 memory containers, fixed array and fixed elements
  • math functions with vectors and shapes
  • files
  • strings (8 and 16 bit)
  • states
  • singletons to handle things such as time, date, hardware info and application
  • and lots of helper macros simplifing coding

There's of course a lot more to do, but I'm very optimistic about this. I've already made a BIG list of TO-DOs to know where to go with it. Maybe soon I'll post it here. :)

So, that's all I wanted to tell you. Next news will be about TheTankers I guess. : ))

P.S. There will be an article with questionnaire about us so keep it in mind :-P will send you the link of course : )