about engine, TT and SRU

hello everybody!

It's been quite a long time since I've wrote anything here so this news's gonna be quite big. I'll tell you about the engine,  TT release and SRU project.

SKY engine stays only 2D

Currently on the market there is a lot of 3D engines and frameworks with advanced editors and graphic effects, that are highly optimized. We intend to stick to 2D until we take decision to switch to other technologies. It will be developed as necessary as more of a library of useful prototypes and functionalities to maximize the speed of our work.



On Wednesday there was a meeting with our musician who presented to us sound binding and a few suggestions. Soon discussed changes will be made and You'll get a link to watch : )

mobile version - iOS and Android

Of which founding we'll ask on croudfounding service, but for now I cannot tell You more. If I'll know something for sure I'm gonna write about it here.

death of SRU

Any kind of informations including facebook and twitter accounts are gonna disappear. Steve Jobs used to say that You need to cut the project list to the minimum and focus in 200% on those in which You see the biggest potential. According to this we decided to kill SRU. It's widely accepted that the killing of the project negatively affects the image of the group, however, we know that's a good decision. At the moment we have too many responsibilities on existing projects and plans for new ones. A lot of heart and work has gone into this project, but much more experience, skills and lessons have been drawn from it. So, it's time to create archive with game files - maybe someone will open it someday ;)

Best regards from the whole team,

P. S. Internet service polygamia.pl approaches the letters "OU" in the "big list" of polish game developers ; ) Stay tuned!


  1. napiszę po angielsku jeśli można :)
    it was quite suprising to hear that sru is being suspended, yet i understand you perfectly i guess, i know it was not easy decission, but from what i percive you are making mature steps right now and hopefully starting to go into a totally pro branch of gamemaking, good luck guys, figers crossed ! kamil

    1. można ; ) thanks for the kind words!